How To Order

So, you like what you saw,  how do you order then? Well, it’s easy –  in  just three simple steps as below :

1)  Take down the Item code(s) of the clothing (s) you are keen to buy.

2)  Make your payment – be it a cheque, electronic fund transfer/ATM/Internet Banking, please remember to note down the details like cheque number, ATM transaction number, bank payment reference, when payment was made, etc for filling out our Order Form.  For your convenience, our bank account details are provided below. You can, of course, go to our Payment Method page for more details on payment :

Bank : United Overseas Bank (UOB)

Bank Code : 7375      Branch Code : 004

Account number : 3103031735

Do note that we do accept cash against delivery for delivery to Central Business District areas for minimum S$150 in order value, in which case, go straight to Step (3).


3) Fill out our Order Form with the details above and send the form over by pressing the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form.

See, it is as simple as that!

* Upon confirmation of payment receipt, we shall immediately process and send off your package, whereupon we shall either email or phone you to inform you of the despatch. For cash payment against delivery of clothing, we shall contact you to arrange for pick-up time and venue.


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